Group Seminars – Training

Training for SetFree has been on an individual basis for the past two years as we feel this is the best way to present the whole scope of ministry to individuals.  Individual training allows a trainee to sit in on a real session from the first meeting with the client until the finished session.  This usually takes about 2 to 3 months with a session being attended once a week for 1 ½ hours.  The trainee can see the interaction of ministers and client and become involved in the total process from beginning to end.  Persons who are trained in this manner have already completed their own individual session, so this allows them to see the process from the minister’s point of view and learn the skills necessary for interacting with the client and completing the process. 

We have, on occasion, conducted large group training sessions.  These sessions are usually a three to four day conference held in succession.  At these conferences, individuals are walked through the process of conducting individual sessions, but are also given the information behind the process so that there is an understanding of why sessions are conducted in the prescribed manner.  Many times, people are attending these large group meetings for information.  We enjoy this interaction with people; however, we find that many times the participants have not been through SetFree individually, so that is a necessary process for them to complete before considering whether they really want to become a minister of SetFree.

We will schedule these large group meetings periodically when the number of requests for this large group session is warranted.  We would encourage you to watch the website for information on upcoming training.  If you are interested in training individually and have been through your own individual SetFree session, we would certainly be thrilled to set you in place with a team to train you.

For individual training sessions please contact the SetFree number and leave us your name and contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible


The goal of SetFree is to train ministers so they can set up this ministry in their own churches.  We are so honored when a new team is set in place in another city or state.